How to f()ck girls: advice I’d have given a younger brother had I ever had one.

  • The longer you wait to even kiss her, the more likely she’ll let you do anything.


  • When you don’t know what to be, don’t be what you think she wants you to be, just be honest.


  • Forget and ignore any sex scene you’ve seen or see in any movie . All fake, and not how you fuck.
  • You must be able to last fifteen – twenty minutes, see me for training curriculum if necessary.


  • If you want to be her best shopping friend, fuck her sensuously and passionately.


  • If You want to make her come, fuck her hard and relentlessly.


  • it’s communication and giving. You can kiss her cheek honestly or fail, drill her pussy like a masturbation accessory. You fake it – you lose.


  • If she can’t come – it’s you, not her. Work it out, figure it out, or kiss her goodbye. fuck her like it’s life or death, because it is.


  • Don’t talk about it. No, not even your best friends or fraternity buds. You reduce you and her if you do. If it’s worth mentioning, let her do so. Yes, you’ll



  • compound your options by keeping exploits to yourself, but much more importantly, you’ll not be a stupid dick. understand?


  • For the first round, money wins no matter how you fuck, so focus on that until you’re married. Period.





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