Lecturer Flogs 300L Female Student To Coma At IMSU, Owerri.

female student faints

A 300 Level Female Student Faints After Being Flogged By A Lecturer In Imo State University

Female Student Faints!!!  A 300 level Imo State University student of Nutrition and dietetics reportedly fainted after she was flogged by a lecturer who has been identified as Prof Egbe Richard from the faculty of social science.

It was gathered that Prof. Egbe allegedly used his belt to flog the student who came for her exams. Here are photos from the scene below;

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Quote From Source;

Imo state university lecturer by the name Prof Egbe Richard from the faculty of social science, uses his belt to flog a 300 level student of Nutrition and dietectics during the course of her exams and she fainted…


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