Imo State SSG, Sir Eche George Takes War To Kinsmen

Imo State SGI Threatens Kinsmen ~ “I will arrest you people if you don’t obey my orders”…

The Secretary to the Government of Imo State (SGI), Sir Eche George may have descended an all time low in his frantic bid to hijack the Youth structure of his Local community. The Obiangwu born civil servant convened a youth stakeholders meeting yesterday, comprising youth leaders from the three towns in Onyeaghalanwanneya court area of Ngor Okpala LGA.

The youths who had gathered at the behest of a supposed respected elder, were utterly disappointed when the meeting turned out to be a quasi reading of riot act to the newly elected Executives of the Onyeaghalanwanneya Youth Movement (OYM).

The SGI’s discontent is arising from his failed attempt to scuttle the OYM’s election and impose his choice candidates. The visibly angry SGI took to provocative remarks and threatened anyone who dared to question his stand.

The OYM is a youth organization that seeks to project and protect the interest of all the youths in the court area. Their growing popularity and goodwill has become the toast of of leaders from various walks of life, including the political class.

What has remained amiss is the sudden interest of the SGI in the Organization, and his deliberate moves to bifurcate and unsettle the long years of peaceful unity that the OYM has been known for.


Power indeed intoxicates. Without bias or prejudice, the truth remains that the SGI, Chief Sir George Eche has been a civil servant who wished to retire as one. Upon his fortunate appointment as the SGI after the exit of Sir Jude Ejiogu, he publicly confessed that he is a political neophyte and wished to learn under the tutelage of the likes of Dr. T.O. Ekechi, and Dr. Mathew Nwogu. It is most certain that these seasoned progressives couldn’t have taught this spec of divisive and retrogressive politics to the SGI.

Eche george

Sir Eche George must learn to play a decent advisory role to the OYM as a respected elder. His meddlesomness would only earn him a smear on his most priced asset – his integrity.

As a man with years of bureaucratic experience in the civil service, together with his exposure as the scribe of the Imo State Government, Sir Eche George shouldn’t be oblivious of the legitimate ways of seeking redress when there is a perceived infringement of rights.

His resort to crude violence and uncouth vituperation is needless and undermines his revered status.

Ifeanyi Okoye


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