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Obiano no longer have moral rights to participate in Nov 18 Election, haven lied to Anambrarians in  several occasions.

Come with me as I showcase some of his lies;
1. Exportation of $5m worth of imaginary ugu, Onugbu, Okazi, Utazi and Ugboguru.
2. Ten million tubers of yams
3. Anambra rice
4. Over 500 MoUs
5. Claiming that he has completed all the projects he inherited
6. Denying over N75b that was saved by his predecessor
7. Failed promise of completing Agulu Lake Hotel before Dec 2016
8. Failed promise of completing Awka Shoprite in his first tenure
9. Failed promise of completing Nnewi Shopping mall in his first tenure
10. Failed promise of completing Onitsha 5star Hotel in his first Tenure
11. Failed promise of sustaining ANIDS as developmental vehicle
12. Failed to sustain tempo of development he inherited from his predecessor
13. Denial of plunging Anambra State into debt of over N60b
14. $2b Umueri Cargo Airport, Vum Vam
15. International Conference Centre, Vum Vam
16. Amowbia Amansea, by Enugu Onitsha Express way, Vum Vam
17. Failed promise of 4Cs as was used to deceive us during his 2013 campaign,
18. Failed promise of 3 independent power plants and Refinery, etc.
The list of his lies and propagandas are countless. In saner climes, you can’t lie and be discovered to have lied repeatedly as done by APGA led Government of Anambra State and still want to stand for elections. It’s appalling that despite being found to have lied on several occasions, the APGA has never deemed it necessary to apologize to Anambrarians for deceiving them.
If a party and its candidate could lie so brazenly as done by the APGA and Obiano, do they still have moral rights to want to rule Anambra for another 4years?God forbid, can Obiano and his APGA cabals that are not truthful about their existence as human beings be trusted to be truthful to Anambrarians if they return to power again???


Oseloka Henry Obaze, is a complete gentleman with poise and dignity. After reading commendations to him by world leaders – like the UN Secretary-General Ban ki Moon – he had worked with, one is bound to doff off one’s cap for him. I have also read the testaments of his colleagues. Whatever thing he said he will do, that he must do.

Come one, come all, let’s make a governor that will restore and sustain the tempo of development kick started by our amiable leader, Mr Peter Obi, Okwute Igbo-nile.


Ebuka Romeo Okoye write from Awka


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