TRENDING: UNN Students In Hostel Dilemma [GRAPHICS]

UNN Students Sacked From Hostel

Hostel accommodated I T students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who are observing their Industrial Training, have been thrown out of their hostel. The incident took place in the morning against the lions and lionesses, Some UNN students got hurt in the process.

According to Pascal Emeka, who was one of the affected students, “Around 11am yesterday, the hostel supervisor of Isakaita hostel used bell to go around the hostel, telling students that he was giving us 30minutes to pack out”.

We explained that most of us are doing our industrial training either in the Farm, in the case of Agric students or in schools as in the case of Education students. He insisted that he was only giving us 30 minutes to pack out.

To where, he didn’t say. We told him to give us time, so that those that went to farm can come back. Note that we paid N1k for the temporary accommodation. He said he was going to call security for us.

In less than 10minutes, UNN security came and started beating and kicking girls out of the hostel. They were shouting on us, calling us all kinds of degrading names, their favorite being prostitutes.”




UNN Students Thrown Out Of The Hostel In Enugu (Pics) UNN Students Thrown Out Of The Hostel In Enugu (Pics) UNN Students Thrown Out Of The Hostel In Enugu (Pics)


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