Anambra2017: WhatsApp Chat Reveal How APGA Released 400k For Each Polling Booth


Following the victory of the Governor to continue till 2022, post election matters have filled the atmosphere both for and against the Governor.

Unfortunately, a displeased APGA stakeholder had written to exonerate himself for reasons why he could not deliver his booth to the party.


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Hon, are you congratulating Ifeanyi Odimegwu ,the local government chairman, that was given a four hundred thousand naira to share per polling booth and he ended up just giving out one hundred thousand per polling booth and also gave it out to APC member ,who used it to work against our party APGA.

My own polling booth was a special case because the one hundred thousand was given to Dr Obinna uzoh, s PA from umuadobihe who is a member of APC.

AMAMU ward A has 16 polling booth and in all the polling unit he brought in APC members in all the units

It’s on heard off, that a local government chairman will fail in his ward after all the money in his possession.

_This is not a mere allegation but the true situation of things that happened in AMAMU A._


Anyone that cares should investigate or better invite the ward executives for further expository .

I detest it went people sing praises on a very bad situation.

It’s very horrible.

_How do u expect to win, when money appropriated for Inec staff and security in AMAMU A was pocketed by the local government chairman , Ifeanyi Odimegwu.

The question is why will a local government chairman pocket the money might for an election in his ward and expect to win.

I call on the leaders of APGA to investigate this Fraud and address it.

This situation is generating a lot of problems in AMAMU A and needs urgent attention.

Above is the Exact submission of a stakeholder who felt sabotaged.


See Screenshot

Anambra2017: WhatsApp Chat Reveal How APGA Released 400k For Each Polling Booth


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