Why Mothers Should Embrace Exclusive Breast Feeding Practice – Experts

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Do you know breast milk is not only cheap and hygienic but has all the nutrient a baby needs for better psychological development ?

In this special report, Ekwi Ajide takes a look at the reasons why doctors advocate exclusive breast feeding for the first six months.

Exclusive breast feeding entails feeding the baby with breast milk for at least six months or nine months at most without water, medicine or any other type of food .

Exclusive breast feeding according to a medical practitioner , Dr Cliff Okafor is the only sure way of preventing contamination and as well bond with the baby.

He stated that babies that are breast fed turn out better whereas the ones that are bottle fed are essential natural nutrients needed for balanced physical and psychological growth and development.


Dr Okafor cautioned on the dangers of feeding babies with artificial milk or feeding them from a bottle can .

He however advised HIV positive mothers to get counsel from a trained health worker on how best to breast feed her baby so as not to transmit the virus to the baby.

On her part, a nurse Mrs Maria Ejiofor said breast feeding is the safest and most natural way of feeding babies , noting that breast feeding helps protect young babies against dangerous diseases .

Mrs. Ejiofor also encouraged working class mothers, inspite of their jobs to breast feed their babies so that they can forge bond with them.

It is however advised that from the age of six months babies should be introduced to other kinds of food in addition to breast milk which continues till two years old.


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